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Our Story

The Short

Welcome to Jimmy Ryan Sports. We are the purveyors of the martini lifestyle. We make innovative products for the martini and cocktail cultures.

The Long

Jimmy Ryan Sports originally started as Jimmy Ryan Clothing back in 1999. We were three brothers from a small suburb outside of San Francisco trying to start a new streetwear label. We named it after an old Irish bartender who taught us many lessons about life and the importance of being happy.

By 2001 we were in regional department stores and a couple online stores scattered throughout the globe (Guam, Japan, Costa Rica).  We were sponsoring DJs, amateur skaters, and snowboarders.  We were ready to go mainstream and be a household brand and then…nothing. Life is like that. The truth is that the commerce and internet we know today is vastly different than the commerce and internet of 2001. The old way of doing business and the scale of economics was just too great to overcome.

By 2003 each brother went their way and started their own careers and families. However, an interesting thing started to happen.  Jimmy Ryan Clothing was officially closed but we kept getting emails and inquiries for the ‘Original Jimmy Ryan Sport’ logo hat and t-shirt.  The logo really resonated with people. It symbolizes the natural joy you get when you are having a drink with loved ones and are not worried about anything in the world but enjoying the moment. We’ve been making hats and t-shirts featuring the martini logo every year since, but mainly for family and friends.

In the summer of 2016, a friend of mine introduced me to paddle boarding. The experience changed me. It’s just you and your thoughts out on the water. All the stresses and responsibilities of life disappear, even if it just for a few hours. I was hooked. So, in 2018, with the blessings of my brothers, I started Jimmy Ryan Sports and sought to build the best paddle board.

Then in 2020 the Covid Pandemic hit and did what any sensible person would do. I quit my corporate job and went all in, creating a lifestyle brand that makes innovative products for the martini and cocktail cultures.

Welcome to Jimmy Ryan Sports. We are the purveyors of the martini lifestyle.

– Middle Brother

– Excerpts of the 2001 Jimmy Ryan Clothing catalog.

Live the life you love. Love the life you live.


Giving Back to Help People Live Their Best Life

Through our partnerships with various charities, Jimmy Ryan Sports is able to donate a portion from every purchase to support the mental health and well being of children and young adults.  We are committed to helping the next generation navigate through the struggles of anxiety and depression that social media and society can often times foster.

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